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Blackout Curtain Fabric Knowledge Daquan

Update:2022-03-16 14:13:31 Wednesday
Summary:Good-looking curtains can make us feel physically and mentally happy, and curtains of different materials will bring us different feelings. We have to face curtains every day, it is better to replace them with beautiful ones. We have listed many high...
Good-looking curtains can make us feel physically and mentally happy, and curtains of different materials will bring us different feelings. We have to face curtains every day, it is better to replace them with beautiful ones. We have listed many high-quality curtains in a variety of styles below, and we hope our inventory will make your purchase easier.

1. Plaid solid color cotton and linen blackout curtains blackout curtain fabric knowledge
There are four colors of dark coffee, beige, beige, and dark gray, and the shading degree is more than 70%. Gray and coffee are basic and versatile colors, giving people an elegant and warm feeling. Suitable for all rooms in the home.
2. Simple and modern high-end Korean curtains
The flower pattern is exquisite and the color is bright. The selected three-layer woven black silk shading cloth has the functions of heat insulation and windproof while shading. Refreshing yet warm, romantic yet serene.
3. British style horizontal striped curtains
Playful neutral style, simple and simple color matching, stripe control is not quick to start. This curtain is highly breathable and is perfect for hanging in the bedroom.
4. Full blackout linen, cotton and linen curtains
The solid color with strong texture is simple and atmospheric, using high-grade imported silk hemp, which is not easy to wrinkle. At the same time, the smell of silk hemp itself can play a role in sterilization and effectively inhibit the reproduction of parasites in the room.
5. Nordic cartoon blackout curtains
There are various colors, and the patterns are mainly animals, which are vivid and interesting, and most of them are suitable for children's bedrooms or playrooms. In addition, the store has a history of seven years, integrity and reliability.
6. Full blackout curtains Mediterranean style
This curtain is a bay window style. It is made of three-layer physical shading fabric, and is matched with the same screen window, which is very delicate. The Mediterranean style is the main theme. The beach and the castle outline a fairy tale dream. Friends with bay windows at home may wish to try this curtain.
7. European living room curtains
Encrypted and thickened Nepalese fabrics, combined with high-end embroidery techniques, increase the overall texture of the curtains. Soft beige and sky blue reflect the light luxury European style and romantic pastoral style.
8. American Country Blackout Curtains
Beige is the base, and the green pattern looks very fresh. The three-color printing process makes the pattern more three-dimensional and full, the window screen is light and translucent, and the flowers and shadows are scattered under the action of sunlight.
9. Pink full blackout curtains
The delicate fungus lace makes the curtains no longer monotonous. Professional shading fabric, the physical shading degree is as high as 80%-90%, the fabric is composed of three layers of woven fabric, and there is a special black silk in the middle.
10. Pink pastoral Korean blackout curtains
The curtain, called Heart, is embroidered with scattered peony flowers in the middle of the curtain, and the whole is light pink. The curtains are woven from natural cotton fabrics, matched with exquisite yarns and beautiful peony flowers, which are extraordinarily elegant and distinctive.
11. Custom Embroidered Curtains
Six colors are available, the shading degree is as high as 90%, which can be well insulated and shading. Embroidery can be matched at will, using advanced embroidery technology and embroidery embroidery to make the curtain itself more charming. The texture of the pattern is delicate, it is not easy to deform the leg color, and it can stand the test of time.
12. Modern minimalist blackout curtains
European style with beautiful curves and smooth lines. The elk fur fabric has good reflective performance. Under the action of light, it looks elegant and luxurious in the house, which is very suitable for the living room. High-grade jacquard craftsmanship, flexible splicing methods, they can achieve the effect you want.
13. Chenille Vertical Stripe Blackout Curtains
The stitching of imported chenille fabrics is more textured and drapey, and the fabric itself does not shrink or deform. The classic combination of red and blue shows fashion without losing elegance and dignity. The sewing technology is excellent, the thread is tightly routed, and the spacing is uniform.
14. American pastoral country blackout curtains
Reactive dyes are used, with strong adhesion, and the dyes do not contain formaldehyde, and all items meet the national standards. The plaid pattern composed of deep red and grass green is simple and elegant, the fabric is soft and breathable, and the unique floral fungus is used as an embellishment, reflecting the essence of the pastoral style.
15. Mediterranean style blackout curtains
The beauty of the Mediterranean style includes two bright blues of "sea" and "sky", as well as snow-white walls, purple lavender, fragrant flower fields, and the intertwined land of red-brown and earthy yellow. This curtain well embodies the essence of Mediterranean style "blue" and "white", and exerts it to the extreme, seeing the curtain is like seeing the Mediterranean.
16. Korean pastoral blackout curtains
The color is sweet, and the pink and tender color gives a girlish feeling, which is very suitable for girls. In addition, the shading degree of this curtain is about 60%, and a small amount of sunlight can pass through the curtain, making the room bright and warm. It is also matched with the same window screen, which is light and transparent, which can effectively adjust the indoor light.
17. South Korean deer blackout curtains
Print realistic-style patterns on the curtains, cuteness is not generous, if you are an environmentalist, don't buy one. The linen fabric gives people a simple and natural feeling, as if you are in the prairie, watching giraffes slowly walk by.
18. Solid color cotton and linen blackout curtains
The curtains are carefully crafted using two positioning cuts, high-quality accessories, secondary steam ironing and 18 processes, which embodies the designer's determination to pursue refinement and perfection. The linen textured fabric has an indescribable elegance.
19. Blue Mediterranean Blackout Curtains
This curtain is also in the Mediterranean style. The difference from the previous one is that it adds a little cartoon element, which is very suitable for hanging in children's bedrooms.
20. European style fresh pastoral blackout curtains
The internationally certified environmentally friendly printing and dyeing process is not afraid of wind and sun and will never fade. The use of pastoral flowers as the main element of the print perfectly interprets the meaning of romance and elegance. Both the cloth curtains and the gauze curtains are printed with scattered flowers, as if they are in a sea of ​​flowers.
21. Classic velvet blackout curtains
The cashmere fabric is atmospheric and graceful, which can fully demonstrate the status of the owner of the house. European-style palace-style embroidery, with a touch of sophistication in the tediousness.
22. Nordic Simple Modern Blackout Curtains
The diamond-style curtains are relatively rare. This one is not only comfortable in color matching, but also rational and atmospheric. It is very suitable for people with a firm and refreshing personality.
23. Rustic Cotton Linen Blackout Curtains
Green gives people a fresh and natural feeling, and the linen fabric seems to take us to the open prairie. The biggest feature of this curtain is simplicity and nature, which is very in line with the aesthetics of modern people.
24. Korean pastoral warm curtains
The nude curtains are elegant and pleasant, the delicate embroidery and the meticulous texture bring infinite beauty. The smooth lines of the curtains make home life organized.