Curtain fabric recognition and selection
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Curtain fabric recognition and selection

Update:2022-04-14 17:09:31 Thursday
Summary:One: From the decoration style of the new home, the decoration style determines the color, fabric feeling and overall matching style of the curtains you need to buy. For example, for simple-style decoration, when choosing curtain fabrics, pay attenti...
One: From the decoration style of the new home, the decoration style determines the color, fabric feeling and overall matching style of the curtains you need to buy. For example, for simple-style decoration, when choosing curtain fabrics, pay attention to the preferred colors that are more jumpy, but not too exciting (such as orange, red, etc.). Through the coordination of curtains and related soft decorations, the line and color of the simple style are changed. Mixed water European-style decoration, you can choose the fabric with smooth strips, random flowers, etc., the color can be according to the needs of different rooms, gold, royal blue, sauce purple and so on.

Two: From the aspect of fabric components, the current curtain market is mainly composed of chemical fiber, silk floss, cotton and linen, chenille, and silk, blended and other components. Synthetic fabrics drape the best, are affordable, and are machine washable.

The chenille fabric has a good feel and drape. But summer is generally not optimistic when selecting. Mainly feel hot. Not machine washable. Cotton, linen and silk curtain fabrics are green and environmentally friendly, and the price is high. Appropriate consideration can be given to key areas in the home, such as living room, master bedroom. Not machine washable. Silk cotton and blended fabrics are more popular in the current market due to the thickness of the fabric and the processing technology. They are characterized by rich colors and diverse patterns. Easy to wash (under normal circumstances can be washed, machine wash depends on the specific fabric) The above are all curtain fabrics.

Let's talk about yarn. Under normal circumstances, people always ask "Why is such a thin and light yarn so much more expensive than a thick, drapeable cloth?". First, different things are not comparable. The same yarn, the price of printing and embroidery may differ by dozens or even hundreds. The main difference is the embryo yarn. The general printing yarn is generally hard to the touch. The raw material of the embryo yarn is domestic, and the embryo yarn of the embroidery yarn is mostly imported. It needs to be repeatedly embroidered on the frame. If the quality is not good enough, let us buy it, it is estimated that Can't even get off the rack. The simple way is to compare two yarns of the same material when purchasing, feel soft or hard by hand, and see if the density is high. If the store allows, use your fingernail to pry each yarn to see if it is deformed.

Three: From practical considerations, the living room should choose a moderately thick curtain cloth, unless your living room is a home theater. Generally, thicker cloth and shading cloth are not needed. The restaurant should choose the fabric that matches the dining feeling, and the color can refer to the color of the kitchen cabinet panel. If there is a north balcony, then the restaurant needs one floor. The bedroom should choose a double-layered fabric, which is good for sound insulation and good shading effect. If you like to sleep late, it is recommended that you choose a shading cloth (there are generally two types of shading cloths, one is silver coated, and the other is white pure cotton thickened. The effect of the two is the same, but they are getting older. After that, the coated ones will fall off. Pure cotton will not have the function of sound insulation.) Roman blinds or wooden shutters should be used in the study, both of which are characterized by maximizing the free space. Makes generally north-facing rooms feel airy.

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