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Which kind of sofa fabric is better

Update:2023-02-02 15:36:17 Thursday
Summary:The share of fabric sofa in the sofa market continues to rise. We all know that fabric sofa is beautiful and generous, and it is very suitable for an emotional home environment. Although I have seen a lot of fabric sofas, what is the best fabric for ...
The share of fabric sofa in the sofa market continues to rise. We all know that fabric sofa is beautiful and generous, and it is very suitable for an emotional home environment. Although I have seen a lot of fabric sofas, what is the best fabric for the sofa? The following is a comprehensive knowledge of fabric sofa fabrics. What are the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics? After comparison, you will know how to choose.
Flannelette sofa
The most impressive thing about the flannelette sofa is its ultra-fine and gentle touch. From corduroy fabric in the past to suede fabric in the present, flannelette sofa changes its identity in gaudiness and elegance. Compared with other fabric sofa, flannelette sofa is more expensive.
Fabric features: it has fashionable appearance, good color presentation effect, dust prevention, dirt prevention and other advantages, but it is easy to generate static electricity.
Buying suggestions: When purchasing a flannelette sofa, try to choose one with soft and smooth feel, uniform color, good luster and strong overall feeling. If it is a plush cloth, you can touch it back and forth with your hands, and it is better to have no obvious discoloration and whitening; However, for short flannelette, the denser the flannelette is, the thicker the cloth is, the better.
Maintenance suggestions: If there is any stain on the flannelette sofa, wipe it with clean water in time, but not with a large amount of water; When cleaning the flannelette sofa cover, it is recommended to wash it with water and not put too much detergent.
Cotton sofa
In fabric sofa, pure cotton fabric is soft, breathable, natural and environmental friendly, close to the skin, and is the most widely used model in the market at present.
Fabric features: The cotton sofa is cheap, with the most variety of designs and colors, but the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, and less wear-resistant.
Shopping suggestions: generally, players should feel fine, soft and thick, and the natural color and color of the designs should be uniform. Pull out the thread of the cloth and burn it with fire. It can turn into ash and has no burning smell.
Maintenance suggestions: The pure cotton sofa can be washed by hand or machine, and the ironing process is essential after the sofa cover is dried. In order to avoid shrinkage, it is best to send it to a professional laundry for dry cleaning, which can effectively reduce the risk of shrinkage and deformation. Normally, dust is collected once every two months.
Leather and sofa
The places that are easy to dirty but not easy to remove and wash, such as the backrest armrest, are made of leather, while other places that are close to the human body and easy to remove and wash are made of cloth. The leather cloth adopts the same color system. Now the latest leather cloth and sofa fabric are made of nanometer materials, which is more convenient for cleaning. It is understood that there is also a kind of sofa that looks like leather, but is actually made of fabric, such as the red new leather flannelette sofa and the McGonagall fabric sofa.
Fabric features: It combines the advantages of leather and cloth, but the price is higher than that of the same grade sofa.
Buying suggestions: Due to the high requirements for the production process of leather sofa, manufacturers that can produce leather sofa with high technical level, just choose the style you like.
Maintenance suggestions: environmental protection leather can be directly scrubbed without special care; The appropriate cleaning scheme shall be selected for the cloth part according to the different materials.
Linen sofa
The most attractive thing about linen sofa is its good thermal conductivity. Even if it is hot in summer, don't worry about sweating. The texture of the linen sofa is tight without losing its softness, moderate in hardness and softness, and has a simple and natural temperament.
Fabric features: relatively wear-resistant, not easy to fold, not fade, not pilling, will not produce static electricity, and will not mildew in wet places.
Purchase suggestions: whether the surface is flat, whether there is thread head or interface is the key indicator of the quality of linen. If you want the linen sofa to be softer, you can choose the cotton linen sofa with higher cotton content.
Maintenance suggestions: Because there are gaps on the surface of the cloth, it is necessary to regularly dust the edges and corners and remove the dust in the gaps of the fabric. In order to avoid shrinkage as much as possible, it is recommended to send it to a special laundry for dry cleaning.
Blended sofa
Cotton blended with chemical fiber materials can present the visual effect of silk, flannelette or linen, but the pattern and color are not natural and pure, and the price is relatively cheap. In recent years, with the rise of differential chemical fiber, blended fiber and blended fiber, and the improvement of dyeing and finishing technology, the soft feel and high simulation effect of blended fabric can almost be fake or fake.
Fabric features: easy to wash and iron-free, gorgeous color, durable and elastic.
Purchase suggestions: pay attention to the fabric composition when purchasing. The larger the proportion of cotton, the better.
Maintenance suggestion: put it directly into the washing machine for washing.
The fabric of fabric sofa mainly consists of the above materials. Many people will think that fabric sofa is not suitable for summer because of the heat. However, linen fabric is still very suitable for summer, and the mat can be placed on the sofa in summer, so the fabric sofa will not affect the experience in summer. If the best fabric sofa fabric is flannelette, delicate and comfortable, the price will also be higher than other fabrics.