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Fabric curtain fabric craft

Update:2022-05-23 11:34:26 Monday
Summary:Reactive printingColors and patterns are printed on the plain fabric by means of a rotary screen or transfer, with bright colors and rich and delicate patterns. Features: Using reactive dyes, it has good color fixing, good hand feeling, soft and comf...
Reactive printing
Colors and patterns are printed on the plain fabric by means of a rotary screen or transfer, with bright colors and rich and delicate patterns.
 Features: Using reactive dyes, it has good color fixing, good hand feeling, soft and comfortable, bright colors and rich colors, and the fabrics are environmentally friendly and do not fade.

 2. Yarn-dyed jacquard
The jacquard fabric is a jacquard fabric woven with warp and weft threads intricately woven on the fabric, and is called jacquard.
Features: Dye the color first and then weave, the yarn-dyed texture is bright. The jacquard effect is remarkable and the color is rich and soft. It is a high-end product in jacquard.

3. High-precision jacquard
It means that the warp and weft density of the fabric reaches more than 200 counts during weaving, so that the woven fabric can achieve the effects of fine texture, unique pattern, good flexibility, and good drape.
Features: Unique flower shape, matte color and smooth feel. Because of its complex and cumbersome craftsmanship, it is generally used to make high-end clothing and soft decoration design of star-rated hotels. With the improvement of living standards, it has gradually been widely used in modern home decoration design. It is very suitable for living room, wedding room, etc.

4. Chenille jacquard
Chenille jacquard, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn that uses two strands as core wool, and is spun by twisting the feather yarn in the middle.
Features: It feels plump and thick in texture, has good hygroscopicity and air permeability, has a layered pattern, and has a strong sense of concave and convex.

5. Embroidery
It is a technique in which needles are used to lead threads on already processed fabrics, puncture according to the design requirements, and the embroidery threads are organized into various patterns and colors by running the needles. There are flat embroidery, sequin embroidery, towel embroidery, ribbon embroidery, water-soluble yarn and so on.
Features: Has a strong three-dimensional sense and good color fastness. Because of the wide variety of embroidery, it can embroider various beautiful patterns, which is favored by consumers.

6, cotton and linen, imitation cotton and linen
Cotton and linen cloth is a textile with cotton and hemp as raw materials. After drying, machine threshing, seeds and cotton and linen components are decomposed, pressed by machine, and then woven into thread and cloth, and finally dyed and finished. .

7, velvet, flocking
Velvet is a general term for cut pile silk fabrics. Flocking fabrics are made of all kinds of fabrics as the base fabric, with nylon fluff or viscose fluff on the front, and then processed by steaming and washing.
Features: The suede is rich and soft to the touch, the color is bright and the style is chic, ventilated and moisture-proof

8. Black silk shading
Black silk is woven into the traditional fabric, high-density black silk is interwoven, and the plain weave replaces the traditional chemical coating to achieve the shading effect. Effectively absorb heat and shading, while extending the service life of shading fabrics.
Features: The fabric is thick and drapey, crisp and not wrinkled. Good shading effect! very good! very good! Sleep quality guaranteed!

9. Cationic embossing
The twill weave is selected, woven on a water jet loom, and then finished by pre-shrinking, shaping, dyeing and finishing, and embossing.
Features: The cloth surface is novel and unique, with good vertical feeling and anti-wrinkle effect, excellent color fastness and shape stability.

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