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Bedroom Curtain FAQ

Update:2022-05-18 11:34:08 Wednesday
Summary:How much is the shading rate of bedroom curtainsCurtains with a shading rate of 80% can be said to be the best, because the curtains are too dark, which is not conducive to the health of the body. Full blackout curtains are more suitable for bedrooms...
How much is the shading rate of bedroom curtains

Curtains with a shading rate of 80% can be said to be the best, because the curtains are too dark, which is not conducive to the health of the body. Full blackout curtains are more suitable for bedrooms. The bedroom is a place for individuals to rest, and too strong light will affect sleep.

What to do if the curtains in the bedroom do not block light
①Add a layer of shading cloth;

②Change directly to a double-layer thick curtain;

③ Install roller blinds inside or outside the curtains

Bedroom curtains should be full or semi-shading

Choose according to the lighting conditions of the home. Generally, full blackout curtains can achieve more than 90% of the shading effect, while semi-blackout curtains only have about 50% of the shading effect; if the bedroom window faces east, you need to install full blackout curtains. It is recommended that the bedroom can choose double curtains, that is, a layer of gauze curtain and a layer of curtain fabric with good shading effect, so that you can only use gauze curtain during the day, and then use gauze curtain and curtain fabric at night.

What kind of curtains are suitable for small bedroom windows
You can choose roller blinds, venetian blinds, soft gauze blinds, and bamboo blinds; in short, the small window curtains should be careful not to be too heavy, and the curtain style and color can be selected according to the style of the bedroom

Do bedroom curtains need yarn?
 want. Adding yarn to bedroom curtains can enhance the shading effect and prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the room; at the same time, it can also protect privacy and prevent the outside world from entering, which is especially suitable for some places with small building distances; it can also block mosquitoes and dust when ventilating in summer.

Bedroom curtain rod or curtain box
①From a decorative point of view: </strong>According to the trend of "light decoration, heavy decoration", curtain rods are more popular. Because the exposed rod head of the curtain rod is particularly decorative, and has various styles and styles, and has a long practical life. The installation is relatively simple, and the disassembly, cleaning and maintenance are also convenient. Although the overall decoration of the curtain box is very good, the installation is complicated, and the disassembly, cleaning and maintenance are inconvenient. Compared with the curtain rod, everyone is more willing to choose the curtain rod.

②From the point of view of usability:
This curtain box has a great advantage. The curtain box is relatively smooth to pull, and it is very quiet when pulling, and there is almost no sound. Compared with the curtain rod, it is not very smooth to pull, and there is a sound when pulling, and the exposed curtain rod is easy to be stained with dust, which is not suitable for cleaning.

bedroom curtain feng shui
① It is best not to use black and red for bedroom curtains. Because these two extreme colors will cause people to have bad emotions, and it is easy to make people's emotions develop towards extremes.

②The bedroom curtains should use less pink tones. Pink has the risk of provoking peach blossoms, and it is easy to trigger a third party, thereby affecting the relationship between husband and wife.

③The curtains in the bedroom should not be too heavy. It will block the entry of wealth, and it is even more difficult to get promoted and rich.

④ Bedroom curtains should not use unlucky patterns. For example: skeletons, strange shapes, animals, etc., especially in the elderly and children's rooms, should be avoided.

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